Can my Air Conditioner be a health hazard?

Not if you keep your Air Conditioner unit clean and well maintained.

Your home's air duct network acts as a respiratory system. Indoor air pollution is a serious health hazard affecting millions of people. Researchers claim it contributes to more than half of all Illnesses, including Ainusitis, Allergic rhinitis, Asthma and more.

A surprising number of contaminant sources thrive in the indoor environment. Common household pollutants include dust, mold, pollen, and insect remains. Air conditioning and heating systems are perfect collection points for airborne pollutants like dust and mold spores. The moist, temperate environment is an ideal habitat for fungi and bacteria to flourish.

Reducing the sources of contaminants that may trigger adverse health reactions is an important part of keeping indoor air clean. Cleaning the air conditioning and heating system will remove allergens like dust and mold from the air distribution system that serves the indoor environment. But doing the job properly requires the right combination of knowledge, skill and attention to detail. At JT Air Conditioning we can give you just that.

Cleaning your Air Conditioner system is a good investment for your health and family's well being. We just don't clean air ducts, but also restore heating and air conditioning systems to superior cleanliness, including all the mechanical equipment and ductwork. We remove mold growth and dust accumulations that block and contaminate critical system components.

Our comprehensive service consists of:

1. General check over.
2. Clean and deodorize inside filters and cowling with special foaming formulation.
3. Clean outside condenser cowling with special foaming formulation.
4. Check gas where required.
5. Polish outside unit.
6. Check installation of exposed pipes.
7. Anti corrosive spray on outside unit.
8. Check and clean fan housing if required, and make a note: If units are old and never cleaned it may incur an extra charge.

Service costs are as follows:

1st Single Split system $77.00  GST inclusive
2nd & Consecutive Split systems $66.00  GST inclusive (located on the same premises)
Box units $66.00 GST inclusive

If a unit is old and never serviced and require extra work, due to years of build, extra charges may incur